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youthworks is here. she is with - not giovanni. yes, with giovanni. andrew is here as well. that was pretty good. i did not see john. john did not make it. deputy alvarez from goodwill industries is here. knesha is to her left. as is monisha and chris, two more interns. this is someone from the department of youth and families. rhonda simmons, our director of work-force development, is also here with us. i did see a trend more -- see trent moore, phil ginsperbg, the direct picture of reparations and parks -- the director of rec and park. i do not see tony whitaker. jason eliot is in the back, from the mayor's office. the education and family services member is here. naomi kelly, our city administrator, is also with us. who did i miss? i know i missed somebody. >> donald leavitt. >> thank you so much. we also have someone from the department of youth and families. we have the director of neighborhood services in the back. [laughter] [applause] what we would like to do -- the mayor is going to make opening comments. we are literally going to have a conversation about what is happening nationa
. >> a d.c. native is playing a pivotal role in the washington national opera's revival of don giovanni. but his rise to fame sure wasn't easy. he wmpbsed violence, even a murder on the streets before the age of 10. but that deep bass voice got him noticed. now he's singing at the kennedy center. howard hopes his past will inspire others to pursue their dreams. >> i always say i want to use my voice, the gift that i've been given, to give back to others. that's my dream. >> don giovanni runs at the kennedy center through oblgt 13th. kind of hard not to notice a voice like that. >> that is a voice. wow. >> james earl jones would be proud. >> yes, he would. >> speck tack lair night out there tonight. it looked like fall. >> you e no, i keep saying it just can't get better, but then it kind of does. we've had some fantastic weather for the last week and a half. and it looks like we're going to have some more nice weather. we had one day yesterday of some storms and those storms helped bring in this nice cool air mass directly out of canada. that's where we're going to see more cool air mak
overcame his past to star in don giovanni. >>> new evidence out that >>> he grew up on the streets, witnessed a murder before the age of 10. but d.c. native solomon howard used his voice to turn his life around. >> we love this story. howard is a classical opera singer, and he'll be lending his voice to the revival of don giovanni down at the kennedy center. chris gordon is here now. you've got the personal story. >> this is amazing you found this man, and what a story you have to tell. >> we'll let the viewers decide. we do like this story. as soon as you hear his voice, you may think he was born to be an opera star. not so. he came from humble beginnings. he says he was more likely to be the victim of violence on the streets of washington than to be on the stage at the kennedy center. ♪ solomon howard plays a pivotal role in the revival of don giovanni at the kennedy center. howard grew up only a few miles away in a poor family. >> in southeast d.c. so grew up seeing rough things. neighborhoods that were very bad. i witnessed my first murder when i was about 7. >> reporter: how
is no longer guaranteed and our office will in effect be run by the politicians. >> geobotany -- giovanni says the government was to rein in the corruption because public prosecutors have gotten too close to the miss. >> none of them will do anything. >> meanwhile, more fundamental issues go unresolved. romania remains the you's second poorest member -- the eu's secondoorest member. >> with its international supervisors' step back from their role, kosovo gained sovereignty over its own affairs, but 12 years after the small balkan territory broke away from serbia, plenty of old wounds remain. the divide between the albanian majority and serbian minority has proven itself to be almost unbridgeable, and as a dutch ngo is finding out, even the healing power of music can struggle to make itself heard. ♪ >> they are playing the same song in the same city in the same music school, but they do not play together or even in the same building. if they did, they would be in serious danger. >> nobody knows what would happen then. we have not done it yet because you just have to expect the worst. >> this
viene y gol. goooooooooooooooool!. >>> se le mueve giovanni dos santos, estÁ cuauthemoc del otro lado. goooooooooooooooool!. imagenes del choque de mÉxico y costa rica en las eliminatorias del 2009. han pasado 20 aÑos desde que costa rica logrÓ vencer a mÉxico en casa costa rica en las eliminatorias para un mundial. hace 20 aÑos eso chepo de la torre era jugador con la selecciÓn mexicanmexicana, ahor regresa como tÉcnico y tiene la oportunid oportunidad. a ver si costa rica puede cambiar su suerte y salir adelante en este partido. nuestra compaÑera lety dio una visita a este estadio nacional de costa rica, construido por chinos y tuvo a un acompaÑante de lujo, vamos a ver. >>> el nuevo estadio nacional de costa rica considerado uno de los mas modernos. que mejoran fui tro anfitriÓn q wanchope. >>> bienvenidos. >>> gracias, este estadio es muy bonito. >>> es una donaciÓn que nos hizo el gobierno chino. >>> el gobierno de china y costa rica llegaron a un acuerdo de libre comercio a cambio de este negocio los chinos regalaron un estadio nacional y una pista para practicar el a
in an 1825 opera by giovanni pacini called the last day of pompeii and more famously sir edward bulwer lytton's novel the last days of pompeii , published in 1834. in lytton's heavily romanticized account fictional characters experienced the last hours of the city's terror. nydia, the blind girl whose keen hearing led her companions to the sea and safety, was carved in marble by randolph rogers in 1860. it was followed by more than a hundred copies as pompeii fever spread throughout europe. lytton's stoic centurion who steadfastly refused to leave his post in the face of certain death was re-imagined by edward john poynter in 1865. the first of three film versions of the last days of pompeii was made in 1913, the perfect subject for the emerging medium of melodramatic feature films supercharged by visual effects. tours of mount vesuvius, made easier by new technologies, brought tens of thousands to the top of the volcano by funicular railway where they gazed on the distant ruins of pompeii and the same enduring beauties of the bay of naples that had captivated romans 2,000 years before. go
querido giovanni. y Él llegÓ a uno de los desfiles y le fue muy bien aparentemente. vamos a verlo. estamos en el fashion knight out en los Ängeles. el dÍa de la moda. traducido al espaÑol. "las gallinas estÁn sueltas y todo se vale". asÍ que siganme. ¿como se llama esta entretenciÓn? me da miedo. >>> y estos cortes no te preocupes de eso. >>> no tienes bubis esto viene bien para mucha gente, cuando no tienes bubis, estÁ muy bien, esta perfecto, hace como que tengas mÁs. lo estas utilizando bien. el pelo, el color me gusta ¿siempre llevas el pelo suelto?. >>> sÍ, no te sientes cÓmoda levantan levantandotelo. >>> se miraba bien. >>> un beso, se te quiere y no gaste mucho escÚchame una cosa ¿que color te pondrÍas?. >>> >>> los azules. >>> ¿los azules te gustan? >>> sÍ. >>> ¿solo azules?. >>> prefiero azules, pero los colores aquÍ son mi... >>> creo que es importante de los colores y de los prin que no van a dejar de existir hay que saber combinarlos, porque son piezas particulares y dependiendo que si te pones mucho, puede ser un poco circo. una punto dit como yoadita como
open. the second novel, giovanni's room, is about -- it's about two white men in paris, one of the great black american writers. before his second novel, he wrote about his own sexuality, but he transposed it to white men. and it is clear what is going on, he could not write graphics on sex scenes, but there was clear of a bond about this was sexual. they were readers knew that. this would, in his first major book, goodbye to berlin, what later became cabaret, he couldn't write it directly. we know that the main character, the narrator, is a man was fantastic. we don't know his sex life at all. we know about the lives of the people around him, we don't know who he is sleeping with, but years later when we talk about this, we can easily fill in the blanks. they were having to use different strategies and tactics to talk about it at a time when it cannot be talked about. but they found ways to do that. >> who are some were some of the contemporary gay writers for this? >> and then white, tony christner, author of angels in america, a wonderful poet, mark dougherty, very politi
el mÁximo circuito del futbol mexicano. >> (♪). >> el mexicano giovanni dos santos que firmÓ por 4 aÑos con el mallorca espaÑol sigue lesionado y todavÍa no existe una fecha para que regrese a la cancha de juego. >> el tÉcnico del club comentÓ que no sabe cuÁndo el mexicano podrÁ debutar pero negÓ su baja los tenga presionados, mÁs adelante adelantÓ que estÁ en proceso de recuperaciÓn y no desea apurarlo. >> se inicia nueva temporada de fÚtbol americano, este primer encuentro tendrÁ como rivales a los actuales campeones del sÚper bo bowl. >> el partido de apertura que se juega el primer jueves de septiembre fue re programado para que no coincidiera con el discurso del presidente barack obama en la convenciÓn demÓcrata. >> busca nfl en univisiÓn para conseguir las Últimas noticias sobre el futbol americano. >> (♪). >> y bueno ya oficialmente puede demostrar mi lealtad hacia los acereros de pittsburgh, siga conectado en univisiÓn pero comienza la nfl, seguimos con mucho mÁs de "primer impacto". >> y Échale!. >> desatada gracias tony.
the wheel... and his parents video thing.hes the designated driver next time i get drunk. giovanni was posted on his parents' facebook the video the father ... who is a marine... lets his son.. who steer the car as other vehicles zoom by.the family has ince apologizee and says giovanni won't be behind the steering wheel anytime soon. they're some of the best dancers in the country.. and they're coming to baltimore. baltimore.sytycd performance nas nats your chance to win tickets to the "so you think you can dance" live tour.. is coming up in just 10 minutes. you're watching fox 45 good day baltimore. ((bump out)) 3 pget a massage and give someone a chance to improve their heaath.massagg envy and the arthritis foundation are teaming up to raise awareness to fight arthritis. nancy boone... owner of massage envy joins us this morning with more.-how can people participate? 3 p do you have to schedule an appointment or can you walk in? -about how long does each massage take? take? a joint effort to fight arthhitis pain is happening wednesday september 19th nationwide. f
Search Results 0 to 16 of about 17 (some duplicates have been removed)